Video Court

1. To Dial in via Phone call:
+1 312 626 6799
Your Judge’s Meeting ID and Meeting Password
will be needed and is provided below.
For Zoom Video Court click on your Judge below.

Judge Solverson – Zoom Video Court Click Here
Civil Law
Meeting ID: 742 671 5060
Meeting Password: 255659

Judge Bloodworth – Zoom Video Court Click Here
Criminal Felony | First Appearances
Meeting ID: 401 795 6706
Meeting Password: 550006

Judge Fiello – Zoom Video Court Click Here
Family | Divorce | Adoption | Post Conviction | Preliminary Hearings
Meeting ID: 430 559 1060
Meeting Password: 489963

Judge Misdemeanor- Zoom Video Court Click Here
Criminal Misdemeanor
Meeting ID: 5010822818
Meeting Password: 881156

Judge Travelstead – Zoom Video Court Click Here
Traffic Court | Spanish Court | Juvenile Court | Law Magistrate
Meeting ID: 725 456 1520
Meeting Password: 957283

Judge Bost – Zoom Video Court Click
Civil Court | Chancery | Tax |
Eminent Domain | Mental Health | City Court
Meeting ID: 592 626 0859
Meeting Password: 579384

Judge Clark – Zoom Video Court Click
Small Claims | Probate 
Meeting ID: 696 344 0103

Judge Presser – Zoom Video Court Click
City of Carbondale Court | City of Murphysboro Court
Meeting ID: 685 331 5281
Meeting Password: +X3WQWvRe

Meetings powered by Zoom. To Download Zoom please visit: 

Note: If you do not know which Judge is handling your case, look on or call the Jackson County Circuit Clerk’s office at (618)


MON – FRI | 8:00AM-4:00PM
1001 Walnut Street
P.O. Drawer 730
Murphysboro, IL 62966


Phone: 618-687-7300
Fax: 618-684-6378

Cell phones are not allowed in the building, except by staff and attorneys. A strict dress code is enforced in the courtroom; no ripped or torn clothing, no tank tops, no shorts, no hats and no bare midriffs.


All Civil and Criminal filings, which includes Juvenile and DUI filings, must be filed electronically (eFiled). This includes all pleadings, exhibits and transcripts. The only case types currently not eFiled are Traffic, Ordinance Violations, Conservation and Civil Law Violations.


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