Pro Se Information (No Kids)


*If you do not bring all of the information, there could be a delay in filing your case.*

Bring ALL of the following information to the Pro Se Divorce class:

  • Your address
  • How long you have lived in Illinois
  • How long your spouse has lived in Illinois
  • Your current age
  • Name and address of your employer
  • Your original last name and any former married names you have had
  • Your spouse’s current age
  • The address of your spouse (if you do not know the current address, bring the last known address and bring names, addresses and phone numbers of people that may know how to contact your spouse)
  • Name and address of your spouse’s employer
  • Date of the marriage/civil union
  • Place of the marriage/civil union
  • Date you and your spouse last separated
  • Whether your spouse is currently on active duty as a member of any of the Armed Forces of the United States of America?
  • Whether you or your spouse receive Social Security because of retirement or disability?
  • Whether you are pregnant?
  • Whether your spouse is pregnant?
  • Check stubs or other documents showing the amount of any income you or your spouse receives from any source.
  • A copy of the deed to any real estate you own or are buying; if you are buying real estate by contract for deed, bring a copy of the contract.
  • A copy of the last account statement for any pension/ retirement account either you or your spouse has.
  • A list of the personal property (furniture, jewelry, tools, etc.) you or you and your spouse have gotten since you got married.
  • A list of all financial accounts (savings, checking, certificates of deposit, brokerage, etc) you and your spouse have together and separately.
  • The make, model, year and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) for all vehicles owned by you and your spouse together or separately.
  • A list of any personal property (cars, furniture, jewelry, tools, etc.) you owned before you got married, which your spouse has, and which you want back from your spouse.
  • A list of all of the debts made by you, your spouse, or you and your spouse since the day you got married and which you still owe.
  • Information on any claims for money either of you have because you were injured.

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