Fee Waiver Information


Costs for filing a divorce:

  1. Filing fee: $177.00
  2. Having the Jackson County Sheriff serve your spouse with the divorce papers: additional costs plus mileage.  If your spouse lives outside of Jackson County, the fee may be different.
  3. If you cannot find your spouse to have them served, you will have to publish notice in the newspaper.  The cost will vary depending on what newspaper you use, but it will be more than $100.00.

If you cannot afford to pay the fees, bring all of the following information so you can complete an Application for Waiver of Court Fees. If you do not bring all of the information, there could be a delay in filing your case.

  • Your address
  • Your date of birth
  • The number of people you support, who live with you (number of adults and number of children)

Proof that you receive or have applied for one or more of the following benefits:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled (AABD)
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)
  • State Children & Family Assistance
  • Food Stamps (SNAP)
  • General Assistance (GA)
  • Transitional Assistance

(if you bring proof that you receive one of these benefits,  you do not need to bring the information listed below)

The amount of any income you receive from (bring check stubs or other proof):

  • Employment
  • Unemployment
  • Social Security
  • Pension/Retirement
  • Child Support
  • Any other source
  • Also include the same information for anyone else who lives in your house and that you are supporting.

A list of your monthly expenses for:

  • Rent
  • Home mortgage
  • Non-home mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Medical
  • Car Loan
  • Other

A list of your property and the value of that property:

  • Bank accounts and cash
  • Home
  • Real estate other than your home
  • Vehicles
  • Other